Thursday, April 25, 2013

Silly Bandz - How the Big Trend Wave begun

Silly  Bandz  Craze

Silly Bandz
If you have kids at home, around or in close family, you definitely would have seen or heard about the most talked about subject at school - Silly Bandz. Silly Bandz is an invention of colorful silicone rubber bands with innumerous styles and shapes. Invented to attract the kids, these come in all different colors and every shape you can imagine that would make a kid want more. Characters, Animal, flowers, letters, numbers, you name it, you would find one. Silly Bandz have become a craze, a fashion, a style.
One newspaper post mentioned that Silly Bandz were actually banned in some schools as they were objects of distraction. Kids love to trade them and wear them as bracelets to school.

How were  Silly  Bandz  discovered ?

The man behind this school age craze is Rob Croak. It was he who started this trendy jewelry amongst kids. With a journey that was not absolutely a straight success, Croak has a lot to share for budding entrepreneurs and why they should believe in their idea and keep looking to hit the next big thing.

Croak was visiting his supplier in China in 2007 where he saw some thin animal-shaped wrist bands. He had an intuition that they'd be popular. He had innate ability of spotting trend and thought this would be a great trend setter for "idle hands" theory. He defined "idle hands" theory as people's tendency to fidget when they have nothing to keep their hands busy with. He also believed that the unique designs could make these bracelets subject of a conversation. It was only later that he saw that these bands had the potential of being a collectible among the school goers. A lot of Silly Bandz packs are created based on the feedback from fans of Silly Bandz. Listening to customers is sure way of creating something that would be accepted by them.

Silly Bandz

The aspect of trading the Silly Bandz was really a byproduct of Croak's thought process. Once he was back from China, he asked his team of designers to create some prototypes. Rest is history. Silly Bandz captured the market like fire and are now sold in all retail stores all over the country.

What  is  the  next  fashion  trend ?

The creator of silly bandz kept an eye on people behavior, what they wear and the online fashion malls they visit. For them, it was not about being a one-hit wonder. To keep launching new successful products that become hits as fashion accessories, Croak has established an incubator to develop new ideas.  

There are few businesses where time to market matters. If you miss the bus, someone else would reach before you. Fashion Industry is one such market where time is of essence.

Croak's advice to entrepreneurs is to believe in yourself and your idea and not to give up ever. Because if you do give up, you're never going to know what could have happened.
Croak and his team are planning some more products this year that would hit the retail stores and onlinejewelry stores.

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